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Music Playtime by Sarah Marks

Music Playtime is a collection of songs that designed to encourage the early development of concentration, musical and social skills.
The songs are themed to fit with the National Curriculum guidelines and help children to learn:
Performing Skills - use their voices expressively by singing, chanting and reciting.
Composing Skills - create musical patterns. Explore, choose and organise sounds and ideas.
Appraising Skills - express and explore ideas and feelings about music, through movement, art and literature.
Listening Skills - experience how music is used for different purposes.
Suggestions for activities are included with each song. Teachers' notes also advise on adding percussion instruments and developing more advanced accompaniments.
Music Playtime provides fun ways to raise children's confidence, team build and encourage exercise.


CDs: Music Playtime 1 & 2

Music Playtime 1 and 2 are a collection of lively and innovative songs designed over 10 years of teaching basic pitch and rhythm to pre-school and Key Stage 1 children.
The melody lines are simple with a strong rhythm. Songs can be used for movement or for adding percussion instruments to play simple figures.
They are themed to fit with National Curriculum guidelines and can be integrated into various classroom topics developing basic language and numeracy skills.


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