Southport Arts Festival Drumming Workshop

Saturday 6th May 2017

4.30pm a The Art Loft, Eastbank St.




Lively, unique, tailor-made workshops and projects

Early Years: Nursery schools or parents & toddler sessions with lots of singing, movement, rhythm and exploring instruments to investigate numbers, letters, and new words. Introducing social concepts of sharing, turn-taking, listening and participation.

Primary School: Exciting classroom teaching building over time or in a short series of workshops. I provide classroom music education in two primary schools; Pinfold and Lathom St James primary schools. Pinfold have just been awarded Artsmark Gold for the second year running.

Short series of workshops consisting of sessions of 30-45 minutes provide a fun and engaging way of learning. These can focus on vocal and rhythmic work using percussion and movement games or use these as tools to learn about a wider theme. Past workshops have used music to explore cultural and historical aspects of mining, canals and the silk road. All workshops encourage working together as a class, sharing, listening to each other, mutual respect, concentration and musical skills.



Secondary School: Specially designed workshops and intensive projects to help develop rhythm and musical ability and really bring engagement with the arts to pupils through exciting projects.
Years 7/8 Djembe workshops develops basic rhythmic skills, team work, compositionand understanding of notation.
Large scale creative collaborations between visual and performing arts strongly engage students, enabling them to begin expressing complex ideas and emotions through creation. Starting with a theme, these projects facilitate learning while developing confidence and teamwork. Most importantly, these projects give young people the satisfying experience of working intensively and executing a successful performance in which they have had a real input.
Poem and artwork from the Elements project created by students at Abraham Guest College
Gallimaufry Country Dance Workshops
Concert: Our session begins with a concert of 20-30 minutes.
Country dance workshops: During this session we introduce the children to some of the basic dance formations; we learn a round dance, a longways dance and a square dance. We learn the basic steps, listen to how they fit with music and invent a dance of our own. We have dances suitable for all age groups and feel that every age group can benefit from this workshop.
Gallimaufry have put on workshops at schools across the North West, including St Phillip's Primary (Litherland), St John's CE Primary (Waterloo), Christ Church School (Aughton) and Waterloo Primary School.
Adults: Rhythms for Life, Djembe Group. Fridays 2.00pm at The Fringe @ The Shakespeare Pub, Scarisbrisk New Rd. Funded by Sefton Extra & Merseycare and open to everyone with the purpose of facilitating social inclusion, making friends and gaining skills in drumming leading to performance. New drummers always welcome!
Special Needs: Workshops aiming to help relax and engage children with serious mental or physical disabilities. Past projects have included working with severely autistic young people at The Elms in Stockbridge and sessions for severely disabled children at Linaker Children's Centre
Equipment: Over the years I have acquired a large selection of percussion instruments, hoops, balls, beanbags, toys etc. which have given me the freedom to go into many diverse environments to deliver music workshops regardless of the lack of equipment available. So don't worry if you don't have it I probably do!
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Sarah Marks